Warranty for the Buyer

TECNOWAY certifies the correct construction of the product, the use of top quality materials, carrying out all necessary tests and the adherence to regulations and laws. Tecnoway agrees to remedy any defects, lack of quality or lack of conformity of the products of which he is liable, occurring within 6 (six) months from the delivery of products and promptly communicated and in any event not later than seven days from discovery of the defect.

Tecnoway may choose to repair or replace defective products. The Products repaired or replaced under warranty will be subject to the same guarantee of 6 (six) months from the repair or replacement.

Are exclued from the lack of conformity and, therefore, from the legal guarantee, any defects or damage from accidental certain facts or from the user’s responsibility (such as, for simplification and not limited to, negligence, failure or improper cleaning) or use of the products do not conform to its intended use.

Vallefoglia, 31.03.17