The SSL policy is a fundamental and essential reference for all participants in the company life and for all those who, outside the company, have relationships with it. It must make clear, also declining the strategic objectives, the principles that inspire every corporate action, in view of the health and safety and well-being of all participants in the company life and to which everyone must abide in relation to their role and responsibilities assumed in the company. The policy document basically indicates what “mission” the company has given itself in terms of OSH, expressing the motivations behind it, the firm will of the top management to pursue the objectives set, the awareness of the desired results to be achieved, the responsibilities to be assumed. Politics is the fundamental “card” of the company in terms of SSL


The entire organization of TECNOWAY SRL is committed to:

  • consider that the accident prevention s and work safety objectives are the primary aims of TECNOWAY SRL policies;
  • consider, in particular, that the improvement of the organization and therefore, the productivity of work, must also be achieved through the regulation and improvement of safety on construction sites;
  • consider that the adequate management of the prevention system concerns the entire company organization, from the employer to the workers;
  • observe and request that individual workers comply with the regulations in force, as well as the company provisions on workplace safety and hygiene, on the use of collective protective equipment and individual protective devices made available to them;
  • check, in particular, that the measures for the prevention of accidents that cause serious or very serious injuries are understood and applied by everyone, with adequate emphasis and attention;
  • provide the human, instrumental and economic resources necessary for the implementation of the system;
  • hold information initiatives and training courses aimed at workers, so that they are sensitized and trained to carry out their duties of accident prevention and organization of work;
  • involve and consult the workers, also and above all through their safety representative;
  • pursue the improvement of the company organization for safety and accident prevention;
  • oppose, even among subcontractors, the use of personnel not resulting from the records or other mandatory documentation as well as the use of personnel outside the conditions and regular times of work and rest.

All the activities carried out in the settlement and those that Tecnoway S.r.l. carries out directly outside the site (for example transport, customer assistance), as well as the activities carried out by third parties in the company site and which may interfere with their activities (contractors) are analyzed to identify the dangers present as well as the organizational aspects and operational that can significantly affect Occupational Health and Safety (in a real or potential way). The analysis is coordinated by the DL, in collaboration with the RSPP and the entire company structure (managers, supervisors, workers), with the competent doctor and with the external companies operating in the settlement or where the Tecnoway Srl personnel go.
As previously specified, the risk assessment is preceded by the consultation by the employer or by a person delegated by him, of the workers’ safety representatives (RLS). The work processes are broken down into elementary phases, within which the sources and dangerous situations are identified and the risks assessed.
Are also considered the occasional activities carried out in the settlement and the external ones, as far as possible, on which Tecnoway S.r.l. can have influence.

Vallefoglia, 10/10/2020