The SSL policy is a fundamental and essential reference for all participants in the company life and for all those who, outside the company, have relationships with it. It must make clear, also declining the strategic objectives, the principles that inspire every corporate action, in view of the health and safety and well-being of all participants in the company life and to which everyone must abide in relation to their role and responsibilities assumed in the company. The policy document basically indicates what “mission” the company has given itself in terms of OSH, expressing the motivations behind it, the firm will of the top management to pursue the objectives set, the awareness of the desired results to be achieved, the responsibilities to be assumed. Politics is the fundamental “card” of the company in terms of SSL


The company management commits itself, making available human, instrumental, and economic resources, to pursue the objectives of continuous improvement of workers’ safety and health, as an integral part of its business and as a strategic commitment with respect to the more general objectives of the company.

It discloses this document and disseminates it to all the subjects of the company, (by posting on all workplaces and through an intranet site) and undertakes to:

o All workers are trained, informed and sensitized to carry out their tasks safely and to assume their responsibilities in terms of safety and health at work
o Constant predisposition and willingness to continuous improvement and prevention
o Provide the necessary human and instrumental resources
o The entire company structure participates, according to its duties and responsibilities, to achieve the assigned security objectives so that:
• Workplaces, operational methods and organizational aspects are implemented in such a way as to safeguard the health of workers, company assets, third parties and the community in which the company operates.
• Information on company risks is common to all workers; the formation of the same is carried out and updated with specific reference to the task performed
• Face rapidly, effectively and diligently on emerging needs during work activities
• The cooperation between the various company resources and the involvement and consultation of workers, including through their representatives for security, should be promoted
• All applicable laws and regulations are complied with, formulated procedures and compliance with the corporate standards identified
• Their activities are managed with the aim of preventing accidents, injuries and occupational diseases

o Periodically review the policy itself and the management system implemented
o The OSH objectives and related implementation programs are defined and disseminated within the company

The General Management of the company expresses the belief that the application of these principles is the basis for guaranteeing high rates of growth and ensuring real competitiveness on the market. To this end, therefore, the Company intends to:
The management commits to constantly check the management of health and safety, through internal audits on aspects concerning the safety and health of workers, in accordance with applicable legislation and the BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 standard, so that it is always relevant and appropriate to respect to the work activities carried out by the company.
The SSL manual represents the formalization of this corporate will and the guide for the application of the management system.
Every year, during the Management Review, this policy will be reviewed and the whole system to verify the effectiveness and the need for any updates will define the objectives and programs for the following year, which will be communicated to company personnel.
This policy and the company’s health and safety objectives will be disseminated among all staff, outside the organization, and to all those who request it.