The General Management considers the customer’s complete satisfaction to be a fundamental element of success and believes that quality means above all prevention, improvement and optimization of costs. Therefore the strategic input that the General Management has expressed is summarized in the following points:

  • maintain customer satisfaction at a high level by keeping customer complaints and non-compliance low;
  • comply with the requested delivery terms;
  • optimize the internal organization for a better work environment and for a reduction of non-quality costs;
  • improve the image of the Company on the market through an efficient structure and through greater transparency towards the outside;
  • optimize relations with Customers and Suppliers, for a climate of fruitful collaboration;
  • commitment to meeting the requirements and maintaining the effectiveness of the quality management system;
  • respect the full protection of the environment through the use of non-polluting processes and the continuous research of non-toxic products;
  • guarantee the reliability of products over time and the continuous improvement of technical capabilities and production standards.


The General Management undertakes, through training sessions, to disclosure the quality policy and improvement objectives to all levels of the organization.
Furthermore, the quality policy as expressed in this manual is disseminated within the structure through the appropriate bulletin boards hung in strategic points.
To make all the personnel of the objectives and of the quality policy participate is the fundamental commitment of the General Management, in order to achieve the continuous improvement of the Company Quality Management System.


The General Management has planned the quality of the Organization by defining the processes necessary to effectively achieve the objectives for quality, based on the general requirements of the Quality Management System, the Company’s historical experiences, company strategies, Customers’ needs, the opportunities identified for improvement. He also documented this planning, through the manual, procedures, instructions and records.
The General Management has established:

  • the skills and knowledge necessary for the Organization, defining the activities and responsibilities of each Company Function;
  • responsibilities and authorities for the implementation of improvement objectives;
  • the necessary financial resources and resources in terms of infrastructure;
  • indicators to measure the effectiveness and improvement of processes and methods for implementing improvements.

In order to ensure the integrity of the Quality Management System when changes to the System are planned and implemented, the General Management provides for the updating or integration of the Quality System documents, in order to ensure their effectiveness also in the face of unforeseen needs or in any case not adequately covered by the tools made available.

Vallefoglia, 27.04.18