Tecnoway was established on 1989 by Scatassa’s brothers Ettore and Andrea, actually is the leading italian manufacturer of braces and orthopaedic orthosis for preventive treatment and rehabilitation.

Tecnoway operates at 360°: the “R&D” department constantly cooperates with physicians and orthopaedic technicians in order to develop products that meets the evolving needs of the patient, the production department performs the creation of the product from the first to final stage ensuring quality control and traceability to 100%; the Sales Department distributes in Italy and abroad a wide range of products.

Its system of quality management is certificated in accordance with ISO 9001 regulation.The production includes a wide range of orthopaedic braces: cervical collars, clavicle braces, thumb, wrist and elbow orthosis, hip orthosis, knee orthosis, spinal hyperextension, corsets, foot and ankle orthosis.